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Best starcraft 2 player


best starcraft 2 player

But who is generally called the best SC2 player? I read a little about Mvp, and on the liquipedia site it says "Mvp has been referred to as the. There are many ways to look at who the most successful starcraft II player of all time is. But I feel that there's basically two rules of thought. MLG Dallas top pro players doing what they do best. Song: Act Like You Know - NERO jyuu.infoe. Mc had a period when he was the best protoss, which was way shorter than mvp's, and since then he's been hovering around that liquid hero level, that is attend as many as you can so you can win some. Green verification check mark guide and verified users list. To make a list like that you need way more variables some player have been playing sc2 longer, therefor more chances of tournament. He is the best over all. GPL Season 2. TaeJa is just an example of a non Kespa guy, but there is also Bomber, MMA, jjakji, Polt.. best starcraft 2 player To somehow claim that no good players existed in SC2 before the Kespa switch is nonsense. MvP for example is a great player and had his time in WoL, but there might be better terrans nowadays; and it's the same with Nestea who I like very much, btw. Still doesn't change that his wins have come from a time where there is an inflated amount of Protoss and Zerg players two best MUs. Brood War Sea Shuttle Lowko hero Bisu Reach Pusan BeSt ZombieGrub Mind [ Show more ] firebathero NaDa 91 JangBi 89 GuemChi 87 Rock 73 Mini 66 Tyson 60 Livibee 46 Mong 38 Light 31 SilentControl 28 Snow 26 iwl-fuNny 24 Noble 21 Hyuk 19 Sexy 14 skyhigh 14 Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm KnowMe Counter-Strike: I am sure MC is better then HerO, he have been to the both WCS global finals, while HerO while entertaining to watch can't put in consistency that MC have. Ask and answer stupid questions here!

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The Best of StarCraft II 2016 Greatest Players of All Time is series of articles [1 ] [2 ] [3 ] [4 ] in which the TeamLiquid. The Medalist Way - liquipedia. The star player of CJ Entus has dragged his underperforming CJ team to round 2 playoffs, going in SPL ACE matches in round 2. Of youngsters, I think Taeja has had a nicer career though even though he's missing a GSL. This is his main difference with his Terran rival Maru, once there is blood in the water for Maru, he will finish the job. MVP and Nestea had the exact same rescources that the others, but they emerged because they figured stuff out faster, which is now impossible to do, this is the natural way a game evolves. See live vote count here.

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TL;DR good luck lol. I recently bought SC2 and I have always known that StarCraft has a huge e-sports scene. Just like no one can touch Flash in Brood War, no one can touch Mvp in Starcraft II. Funny how winning tournaments in an era of weak opponents amounts to nothing in the grand scheme of things. Log in or sign up in seconds. Please log in with your teamliquid. Bomber, MMA, jjakji, Polt. He also never had a team environment like the others listed. MVP and Nestea had the exact same rescources that the others, but they emerged because they figured stuff out faster. If you're going for longevity of greatness instead of period of dominance MvpI'd go with Taeja, MC, maybe even a Soo or Innovation. As a Zerg I like Scarlett's hardcore macro style but she has been underperforming lately getting knocked out by no-names. Classic BW Novomatic online casino no deposit bonus Someone who's won a hell of a lot since the KeSPA switch is more successful in my mind than a mid-tier Korean who's never won a properly competitive tournament in his life.